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Post by Splodey on Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:34 pm

Hello guys! 

I've spent a bit of time updating the forum just a bit...


  • Modified the navigation bar to make it cleaner and less...crude.
  • Separated Forum Suggestions/Comments and Project Suggestions.
  • Branched out BL Discussion from Anime/Manga Discussion, so anything related to BL or very suggestive BL should be posted there.
  • Branched out Games from Others.
  • Made forums for Languages (you can learn Japanese there ;D) and Cultures chat, also added World News just today.
  • Added "Currently Watching" and "Currently Reading" on your profiles, so you can now fill in what you are currently following!
  • Also changed the topic icons etc to get rid of the boring usual phpbb icons!

The new rules implemented are...

  • If you have 15 posts and above, you can request to join the Contributors team and access the Sharing forum to contribute scanlations and/or raws! (You'll need to first PM me about it, though.)
  • Posting more and more gives you new ranks and new pictures, too. ;)
  • Posting 45 posts gets you a colored username, to Regular Members.
  • Posting 90 posts gets you a different colored username, to Actively Pervy.

That's it from me! If there's anything else you'd like to suggest or comment on, please post at the right forum. ;D


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