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[Manga] Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou Empty [Manga] Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou

Post by Splodey on Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:06 pm

[Manga] Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou Tumblr_inline_mukncyYbtD1r3zd6o

Mangaka: Amagakure Gido
Rating: R-18
Notes: We were suggested this project very early on, just wanted to know if blthings (the team that worked on it) will continue it, but they never responded to Aimee's ask, so we're going to say 'yes' to picking this up. Also, if anyone is interested in helping to make this manga happen (faster), please let us know! We need a Japanese > English translator, a typesetter and a cleaner!!!


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