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Post by Splodey on Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:43 am

For the original, please go here for all the questions.

Q: What’s your release schedule?
A: We do not have one. We release whenever we like, whatever we like. But, we try to fix at least a release every two months if possible. It depends on the work, the manpower we have and life in general. But otherwise, no we don’t have fixed release dates.

Q: Do you take in BL manga/doujinshi suggestions?
A: Unfortunately, we aren’t able to immediately agree but we'd love to hear suggestions and get introduced to more BL works! If you’d like to suggest, simply drop us an email, or leave your suggestions at the Project Suggestion forum. Since our group does not have a scanner, it would be wonderful if you can also provide the scans, or provide a link to where we can obtain permission from the scanner.

Q: Are you guys 100% BL-only?
A: For now, yes we’re working only on BL. We might, in the future, expand but it depends!

Q: Can I join your team?
A: Please check the Hiring forum!

Q: I’m from another group and I’d like to re-translate your works!
A: Sure, only things you should note:

  • Credit us as the translation source, and link back to our site.
  • Find your own raws, do not use our scanlated products and edit over them.
  • If it’s a JOINT project, please also ask the other group, or check their FAQs.

Most of these raws are not even ours, and for every project, we obtain permission from the scanner to scanlate them, so please do the same!

Q: What are your sharing/distributing policies?
A: We don’t have any restrictive ones. The most important ones are…

  • Do not claim our scanlations as your own work.
  • Do not alter the contents of our file. Don't remove the credit pages in the file, you're being extremely rude.
  • Do not distribute our scanlations for your own monetary benefits. That’s just being despicable.
  • Once the work becomes licensed, REMOVE DOWNLOADS FROM YOUR SITE IMMEDIATELY. (For manga.)

It’s not a must but it would also be great if you could link back to our site!

Q: Shall we have a joint project? ;D
A: Please use the Contact section to contact us, or drop us an email:!

Q: Let’s affiliate~
A: Sure! If you’re another BL scan group, we’d definitely be more than happy to!

Q: Oh, there’s already another group working on this doujinshi/manga!
A: Thanks for the info, especially those that we have not actually started work on (check the “progress” bit for every project). However, if it is a group that’s ‘closed’, like on LJ where they are not keen on accepting new members, or if they do not reveal their projects to the rest of the internet, then that’s not counted and we will still work on it anyway.

If any other questions, please post at "Help" to ask, or PM me or any other staff to ask!


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