[Doujinshi] Kurobas - Double Ace to Wataame-chan

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[Doujinshi] Kurobas - Double Ace to Wataame-chan

Post by Splodey on Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:41 pm

Title: Double Ace to Wataame-chan
Scanner: verysurprise
Circle: Kira (Buosu @ pixiv)
Pages: 26
Pairing: HimuKuroMura (some AkaMura, KagaKuro and KiKuro) < according to scanner: it’s not KuroBasu if Kise isn’t being homo for Kuroko
Rating: PG

Will update projects list with summary later. Also ANOTHER PROJECT THAT'S PG WHAT'S GOING ON WITH ROTTEN SCANS


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