{PLEASE READ} When suggesting a project...

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{PLEASE READ} When suggesting a project... Empty {PLEASE READ} When suggesting a project...

Post by Splodey on Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:03 am


Please use the following format as an example when suggesting a project! Please do provide as much information as possible so we can immediately determine if we want to work on it or not. But it's also okay if you aren't too sure.

In the title and description:

Title of the topic: [Doujinshi] Free! - Oyasumi Mae Secret
Description: MakoHaru, R-18
The post itself:

{PLEASE READ} When suggesting a project... 3814_300
[if you have a picture preview of it, and please keep it small!]
Circle: L-CAT
Pages: 17
Warnings: [if there are things like rape, or character death etc]
Download: [insert link here] / [insert link to post with download] (or leave this blank if you don't want to share your scans)
Comments/Notes: [if you have any]

  • No shota.
  • No licensed manga.
  • Please avoid Libre titles.

You can check these easily by using mangaupdates for manga! (Unless nobody has registered it yet...)

ONLY POST THE DOWNLOAD IF IT'S YOUR OWN RAW SCANS, OR ONLY IF YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SHARE IT. If not, please post a link where we can get the download to ask for permission to work on it!

NOTE: Please understand we are not able to immediately accept your suggestion because don't all ship the same pairings, or are interested in the same mangaka's works. But we assure you we will consider your suggestion seriously! <3 Please also understand our list of projects aren't very short, so do not suggest too much at one go!

Once we have accepted your suggestion, we will put {ACCEPTED} and title the topic red and update the details later at New Projects and Project Updates by shifting the topic you've made over. If we don't, we will put {CLOSED} instead, and apologize that we cannot work on it! If we're still in the midst of discussion, or in the search for scans, we will indicate it as {ON HOLD}.


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