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Post by Splodey on Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:51 am

Hey guys, please give the following rules a read before you start posting!

General/Posting Rules

  • No hatespeech, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination or any bashing of other users.
  • Have respect for what someone else likes, even if you don't like what they like.
  • Any spoilers are to be hidden behind the "spoiler" button!
  • R-18 pictures must always be hidden behind the "spoiler" button. (NSFW pictures like BL sex scenes, or explicit drawings of sorts.)
  • Don't make signatures ridiculously long or big!
  • Don't post oversized pictures. Keep them lower sized, maximum of 500 in width.
  • No monetary advertisements or advertisements of any sort.
  • No spamming or double-posting (unless it has been at least 24 hours since your last post), except for the Spam/Random Stuff forum and when updating the Scanlations/Raws forum.
  • No multiple accounts!
  • Feel free to reply to any topic at all, unless it's stated in the topic or somewhere that you are not allowed to reply.


  • If you have at least 15 posts, and if you wish to contribute some raws/scanlations please feel free to let me know so I can add you as a contributor.
  • When you are a contributor, you can share updates of scanlations from other teams under the Scanlations forum. 
  • Feel free to also share raws under the Raws forum.
  • Please DO NOT SUGGEST PROJECTS UNDER THIS FORUM. Please head to Project Suggestions instead to do so!
  • If sharing, please do so in such a format and see the existing posts:

Example (if it's a doujinshi):

Title: [Doujinshi] Free! - Oyasumi Mae Secret
Description: MakoHaru, R-18

Example (if it's a manga):

Title: [Manga] Kuku Hayate - Shisei Gokumon
Description: ??? volume(s), PG-13/R-18

  • Feel free to also share downloads to other scanlations, but only if you can share them. Do not share without permission! Please comply with the rules of the other scanlation teams/raw scanners.
  • The forum "Sharing" is strictly only used to share and post updates. Any discussions are to be posted under the Anime/Manga Discussion section instead.

For Guests

You are allowed to comment in the following sections:

You are allowed to comment AND POST in the following sections:

However, you cannot post external links and emails. So, say, if you are suggesting a project, you will need to leave your contact details behind should you not get an account at our forum. In this case, just leave it as "example[at]email[dot]com", or "www[dot]mysite[dot]com" etc.


  • Any scanlation releases will continue to be posted on our main site, but if you prefer to get updates via the forum, keep checking Releases.
  • If you are looking for our scanlation policy and release-related questions, here it is.
  • If you want to have your username changed, you have to PM me in order to have it changed.

Should you have any questions, please direct your queries towards me, or any other staff members as they are moderators here as well!


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